Size Guide

Ring size is a crucial element of purchasing any ring. A ring that fits well will feel comfortable and secure, while an ill-fitting ring can feel awkward or even fall off.

To determine your Ringsize, follow these steps:

Use a piece of string or a thin strip of paper to wrap around your finger. Make sure the string or paper is snug, but not too tight. Mark where the string or paper overlaps with a pen or marker.

Lay the string or paper on a flat surface and measure the length in millimeters from the end to the mark to determine your fingers circumference. All ring-sizes in GER refer to the circumference you just established. 

It's important to note that this is just a guide, and different countries may have slightly different sizing systems. Also, keep in mind that fingers on your dominant hand may be slightly larger than the ones on your non-dominant hand.
Please feel free to reach out to or use the contact from in the "Custom & Bespoke" section if you need further assistance.